Mike Dunafon is running for governor of Colorado this fall, and he wants to make one thing clear: He’s pro-marijuana. In fact, Dunafon wanted to make this aspect of his campaign’s message so unmistakable that he even collaborated with Wyclef Jean to write a rap music video about it. Although I am not a resident of Colorado and therefore my opinion makes zero difference, I must admit, the song is entertaining, to say the least.

Where do I begin with Mike Dunafon and Wyclef Jean’s “The Trap Video?” According to The Cannabist, the song is a metaphor, amplifying the misguided fear-mongering of John Hickenlooper’s now infamous "Don’t be a Lab Rat" ad campaign. Dunafon’s “The Trap” highlights Dunafon’s promise to be an Independent governor, who is not “taking money from vested interests and is willing to talk about the most divisive issues, which include things such as “local control over fracking, the release of non-violent cannabis prisoners, and investing to create a world-class cannabis and hemp industry in Colorado,” Gawker reported.

These are all very important issues, and somehow lyrics such as “clean it up for the love, vote Dunafon for gov” just don’t seem to do justice. Neither do men with solemn faces holding signs that read “We Need Places To Smoke,” or desperate attempts to rhyme “prohibition is the problem,” with “vote Dunafon in the autumn.”

Still, Dunafon isn’t the first politician to give the “rap game” a go, (remember Mitt Romney’s Baha Men throwback?) So maybe we can put the whole music video aside and focus on Dunafon’s true message of improving the lovely state of Colorado.