A Colorado mom who texted while driving paid a big price: she almost lost her life (and her butt). Christina Jahnz got into a horrible accident after attempting to send a voice text to her daughter. She crashed into a guardrail pole that penetrated through her car and pierced her through her thigh and buttocks.

Jahnz was rushing to get to work when she received a text message from her daughter who told her mother that she left her saxophone at home, Channel 9 news reported. She said she had figured out a way to get the saxophone to her daughter’s middle school and decided to reply to the message using voice text. Jahnz said she was only going 20 mph when she looked down to verify her voice text before sending it. Before she could look up, Jahnz had crashed violently into the guardrail pole. ”The next thing I knew, I was looking up, and there was white powder from the air bags deployed,” she told Channel 9 News.

Firefighters had to saw the pole in order to free Jahnz from her vehicle. Once they removed her from the car, they rushed her to the Parker Adventist Hospital where she underwent emergency surgery. It took over 40 stitches to close her wounds. “They said if it [had] gone just a little bit the other way I would have bled out,” Jahnz said. Doctors expect Jahnz to fully recover from her injuries. She will be able to walk with the support of a walker.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every day more than nine people are killed and more than 1,060 people are injured in crashes involving distracted drivers. The CDC says 31 percent of drivers in the United States between ages 18-64 say they have texted or read text messages or sent emails while they were driving.

Jahnz says she is nothing short of a miracle, but she hopes what happened to her will be a wakeup call for other drivers who text and drive. “It’s devastating knowing that I could have prevented it to begin with. I just hope my story helps to save the lives of others. Don’t text and drive,” she said.