Researchers at Columbia University have published the dramatic effects of a natural 33-ingredient compound against prostate cancer cell lines. The impressive results are found in the most recent publication of Integrative Cancer Therapies. Lead researcher Dr. Aaron Katz says the findings, "demonstrate that this specific mixture is able to stop abnormal cell growth and induce apoptosis (programmed cell death) in both hormone sensitive and hormone resistant prostate cancer cell lines at unusually low concentrations, which makes our findings especially significant."The fact that this compound produced strong results at low concentrations shows its strength. "The potency is likely due to the synergistic effects of the multiple ingredients," says Dr. Katz.

In the United States, prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, and 1 in 6 will develop prostate cancer during his lifetime. Despite significant advances in prostate cancer treatment, available treatments for advanced stage prostate cancer offer little hope. However, as the Columbia University study shows, this potent natural formula can be crucial in the fight against prostate cancer. Lead author Dr. Jun Yan explains, "The results we saw are very important for cancer therapy because currently there is no effective treatment for hormone resistant prostate cancer. We tested a unique mix of ingredients that exhibited powerful anti-cancer effects when blended together."

The all-natural compound studied at Columbia University combines 33 nutrients, medicinal mushrooms, minerals, and herbs that work together to provide long-lasting prostate protection. This doctor-designed compound promotes prostate health through critical hormone modulation, detoxification, cellular protection, and vital immune enhancement.

Having a direct anti-cancer effect, this blend can play an important role in prostate cancer prevention, in early stage prostate cancer, and in advanced prostate cancer. "The ability of this specific combination of ingredients to kill both hormone-sensitive prostate cancer as well as hormone-resistant prostate cancer (the type that metastasizes) is truly unusual," says Dr. Eliaz, whom the study authors acknowledge for his development of the compound. "It's unique and innovative because it draws from multiple medical systems and combines ancient wisdom, modern science and extensive clinical experience. This specific combination of ingredients may prevent prostate cancer and prolong the lives of those suffering from prostate cancer."

Ongoing research on this natural compound in cancer continues to show encouraging results, and additional studies are forthcoming.