Comedian Lisa Lampanelli is speaking out about her dramatic weight loss from gastric-sleeve surgery— after losing 106 pounds in the past year, she told In Touch that she now considers herself "officially a skinny bitch."

Lampanelli, the self-proclaimed "Lovable Queen of Mean," told In Touch that she now weighs 142 pounds, though she never set a target weight after her surgery last April.

Gastric-sleeve surgery, a type of bariatric surgery, reduces stomach size in order to help severely overweight people shed pounds. The smaller stomach size means less room for food, so people are less inclined to overeat.

The surgery is typically recommended only for people with a body mass index (BMI) higher than 35, according to WebMD.

Patients are encouraged to be realistic about how much weight they might lose, like Lampanelli, who divulged to In Touch that she has taken pains to "figure out my addiction issue and how I even got overweight in the first place."

The racy 51-year-old standup comedian told talk-show host Bethenny Frankel last year that she and her husband Jimmy Cannizarro elected to undergo gastric-sleeve surgery because diets were ineffective for them.

While the surgery is irreversible, it is not an automatic fix for obesity. After surgery, patients should check in regularly with their doctors, control food portions, and maintain regular exercise routines in order to stay healthy.

Lampanelli seems to be doing so—while she modestly calls her newly slim body a "work in progress," she told In Touch that a set exercise routine and diet plan are helping her stay in shape.

"I feel like I've reached the weight I'm supposed to be," she said.