The reasons for one to go on a diet can be several reasons that could either stems from the realization of unhealthy eating all the way to something as simple as not being able to fit into your favorite jeans.

What ensues is a tendency to make common dieting mistakes that will make you gain far more weight than ever before, and so here is a list of common mistakes that one can make when going on a diet:

Mistake #1: Going on a crash diet

While some people go on a crash diet to get quick results, this results in eating food that will add up to much lesser than 1000 calories a day consisting of foods such as cabbage soup and grapefruit. However, the catch is that once you maintain this diet for a while, your body goes into survival mode by slowing down your metabolism rate.
Once you finish the diet, the body continues to maintain this rate of metabolism, and while you up your calorie intake in terms of food, this will result in you gaining more weight than you had before.

Mistake #2: Not eating breakfast

Almost all of us have to race against the clock often resulting in one skipping breakfast but some folks think that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight. Nothing can be further from the truth, though, as omitting breakfast will mean that one remains voraciously hungry for the entire day, and will result in one trying to overcompensate when it comes to lunch and dinner. Studies have shown that people who eat in the morning are able to control their weight.

Mistake #3: Drinking too little water

Studies have shown that water burns calories, and without which, one’s metabolism tends to slow down. Since this means that the body is in “conservation mode”, this body begins to store fat, and this will result in weight gain.