Losing interest in sex can be one of the causes why people have issues in their relationship. While one can attribute it to the inability to agree on certain topics between partners (leading to the man finding himself on the couch), it can often stem from the libido slowing down for several reasons.

So here are a few libido killers that could affect your relationship greatly:

Libido Killer #1: Stress

Since there are several issues that cause stress such as issues with your boss, money problems and so on and so forth, these can drain you of your desire to have sex. And so, it is important to check your stress levels now and again with a doctor or a counselor and also practice stress management techniques.

Libido Killer #2: Alcohol

Recreational drugs and alcohol can play a large role in either lowering one’s sex drive but it also can put your partner off too, thanks to the unpleasant breath that women don’t often take to, unless they’re alcoholics themselves.Alcohol often reduces one’s desire to have sex, and if consumed regularly, can slowly and surely numb your sex drive. It’s not different with recreational drugs too.

Libido Killer #3: Lack of sleep

If you have a busy lifestyle or have been diagnosed with sleep disorders, then this will result in not wanting to have sex. As a rule, getting enough sleep is important, as the effects of the not doing so, results in fatigue. And it is this factor that can sap one’s desire to have sex.

Libido-Killer #4: Parenting

When a baby is born into the family, the idea of marriage takes on a completely different level, and it can tough on both people as it takes a lot of their time in nourishing a child in the early days. With the attention now on the child, both parents will have to forego sex. However, it’s important to keep your sex drive up by having sex while the baby is sleeping or by hiring a baby sitter while you take a “break”.