With the rise of the health tourism industry, Turkey is growing as one of the biggest destinations for cosmetic dentistry. Due to both affordable prices and the high quality of care, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is an exceptional experience. Between the top five procedures, you should get and why the industry in Turkey is the biggest, read along as we break it all down.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a practice that deals with the aesthetic aspect if the smile. This practice provides many procedures that collectively aim to restore beauty or reverse damage affecting the smile. With certain principles of smile beauty in place, dentists aim to bring your smile closer to perfection. From brightening your smile and dissolving pigmentation to reshaping teeth and filling gaps. There is a procedure in cosmetic dentistry for every problem.

Why Is Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey Popular ?

While many attribute the success of the industry to affordable prices, it is largely due to the contrasting quality of its dental care. While treatments in Turkey are very affordable in comparison to the USA and the UK, they do not comprise on quality. For instance, Dentakay, one of the leading dental clinics in Turkey offers cutting-edge technologies. From one-day implants to CAD/CAM Hollywood Smile, you can find all the latest advancements in the field in Turkey. Additionally, as the biggest attraction for medical tourism, many dental clinics in Turkey offers luxury services to facilitate your trip as a medical tourist. These services include transportation, accommodation, and translation.

Top five Procedures for Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

1- Dental Implants

Dental Implants are the best available treatment for tooth loss. They can restore the aesthetic appeal of the smile while also preserving your dental health. This is because it is the only treatment with a structure that resembles the root. Often after tooth loss, your bone density begins to deteriorate. This causes the teeth around to change positions in order to fill up the gap. In the long run, this affects the placement of your teeth and appearance of your smile. Because dental Implants have a root, they stimulate circulation in the jaw and prevent bone deterioration. In the USA, the cost of one dental implant is around $5,500 exclusive of dentist fees and additional services. For this reason, many people are seeking dental Implants on Turkey where the treatment costs around $2,000 inclusive of luxury services and dentist fees.

2- Hollywood Smile

The Hollywood Smile is among the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry in Turkey. This procedure gives your smile a complete makeover and corrects all mishaps whether genetic or induced. It can remove pigmentation, reshape teeth, and reverse chipping. Because this procedure is pricey in countries like the USA and the UK, many are turning towards cosmetic dentistry in Turkey to get it for affordable prices. Not only is the Hollywood Smile procedure in Turkey affordable, it is also high quality. The procedure uses porcelain or zirconia shells that are fitted over your natural teeth to cover all defects. For a natural appeal and to prevent bulkiness, your dentist will file down your teeth to make space of the veneers. There's also a technology known as the luminaires that doesn't require filing your teeth down at all But you should note that luminaires are slimmer than Veneers and aren't suitable for severe mishaps. Regardless, both veneers and luminaires are equally as durable. In addition, with the right care and hygiene, the Hollywood Smile can last up to 15 years.

3- Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening uses the technology of zoom light to remove the most stubborn stains on your teeth. While it is highly effective, it is important to note it does not always remove genetic pigmentation. Cases of hereditary staining require procedures like the Hollywood Smile to correct them. With zoom teeth whitening, your dentist will first apply a layer of hydrogen peroxide and later expose it zoom lighting. The zoom lighting activates the hydrogen peroxide gel and allows it to penetrate the enamel and break down stains.

This procedure does not damage the enamel and is one of popular procedures that people seek cosmetic dentistry in Turkey for.

4- Bonding

Bonding is procedure that is prevalent in the field of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey it refers to a practice that reverses chipping and breakage. Using the paste-like material of resin, your dentist applies it to your teeth and reshape your tooth. While most people seek bonding to fix chipping, Bonding can also change the shape of your teeth by making them either longer or wider.

5- Crowns and Bridges

Crowns and bridges are a good alternative to dental implants if you are looking for a procedure with a short treatment time. Made from a host of materials, crowns are very durable and long lasting provided you take good care of them. Crowns differ from Implants in terms of application, where for instance; crowns can replace missing teeth if the root is intact. In other words, your dentist would not have to remove the root and instead attach a crown to it. In Closing Cosmetic, dentistry in Turkey is the trend of the decades where thousand of patients come into the country monthly for smile procedures. Providing the latest technologies in smile design, leading centres such as Dentakay have become a hub of excellence. Everything from the Hollywood Smile to dental implants, Turkey offers all the otherwise pricey procedures for much more affordable costs. Despite the prices being budget-friendly, they include luxury services that would make your trip comfortable. Contact Dentakay If you are considering cosmetic dentistry in Turkey, book a free online consultation with Dentakay. Professional consultants will get in touch with you right away to address all your concerns. They can also propose a treatment plan for your case and help you become familiar with your condition.