We all have our vices. Whether it be alcohol, cigarettes, or even soda, we all have some habit that we just can’t kick, but definitely should. Ever wonder how much money you could save by kicking your nicotine habit? Or how many calories you can avoid by putting the soda can down? Find out “What Are Your Addictions Costing You?” here:

If you like to enjoy a cold beer once in a while, better keep it to once in a while. The average college student drinks the alcoholic equivalent of 500 beers per year totaling 77,000 calories. If you’re keeping score at home, it would take 26 marathons to burn off all those calories. Cutting all that alcohol out their life would save them $900 or two semesters worth of textbook expenses.

By quitting cigarettes for one year, a smoker can save their lungs from the wrath of 3,650 cigarettes. Quitting that half a pack a day habit, would save over $1,000 each year. Addicted to TV? The average American could save up to 1,000 hours every year by putting down the remote. Finally, the average soda drinker could avoid 90,000 calories, 25 pounds, by giving up soda for a year.