Following an investigation in February, Chinese police seized yet another slew of fake items from a factory in China. But this time it wasn't counterfeit handbags or iPhones; it was condoms.

ABC News reported Wednesday that police seized 4.65 million packaged, counterfeit condoms and another 1,100 lbs. of unpackaged ones in factories in central and east China following a lengthy investigation. The condoms were falsely labeled with brands like Durex, Contex, and Jisbon, and then sold on (essentially China's eBay) for one yuan ($0.16). The condoms were also sold through small retailers, including supermarkets, pharmacies, and sex shops.

As part of a sting operation, police ordered a package online and found the seller's address by pretending to return the product, according to International Business Times. Upon finding the address, the police were able to trace a number of other workshops distributing the same, generic prophylactics under well-known brand names. Police are said to have arrested 37 suspects in connection with the counterfeit condom ring.

Although reports don't specify whether the condoms were faulty, a recent case of counterfeit condoms in Ghana does bring about concern. Authorities in Ghana seized more than one million faulty condoms, many of which were imported from China just last month.

"When we tested these condoms, we found that they are poor quality, can burst in the course of sexual activity, and have holes which expose the users to unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease," an official from Ghana's Food and Drug Administration told The Guardian.

Hopefully, these recently confiscated condoms yield a different and less threatening story for the sake of public health.