As the number of New York City’s COVID-19 infections increase, local news stations are reporting that mask mandates may soon make a return.

According to NBC New York, cases have been rising in the city over the past month and a half, with some parts of Manhattan having positivity rates as high as 15%. According to local news station News 12, Mayor Eric Adams (D) may soon make an announcement that NYC could shift to a yellow alert level, indicating a medium risk of the virus within the community.

Mayor Adams stated on Monday that he planned to discuss the issue with health experts and officials to decide if mask mandates and other restrictions should be brought back to help curb the spread.

"We have a standard before we move to the next color-coded system," Adams clarified on X. "We're not there yet and so we are advising New Yorkers to wear masks but we're not at the point of mandate right now."

According to Fox 5, the Omicron variant BA.2 currently makes up over 75% of cases throughout the state.

"As the two new and highly contagious variants continue to circulate, make sure you are getting tested and if you test positive please stay home and consult your doctor on available treatments," New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) said in a statement Monday. "And when you need to be around a lot of people and you're more comfortable doing this then certainly wear a mask."