A 57-year-old French man died of cardiac arrest after consuming 56 shots of alcohol in an attempt to break a record. The venue’s owner has been charged with manslaughter after the deceased’s daughter claimed that they not only supplied her father with the deadly amounts of liquor, but also egged him on to continue drinking. The case comes amid France’s recent crackdown on its newly acquired binge-drinking problem.

As reported by The Local, last October the deceased, identified only as Renaud, and his daughter saw a sign outside the bar Le Starter, located in France's Clermont-Ferrand, advertising an alcohol drinking record of 55 shots. Tempted by the challenge, the man entered the bar and proceeded to drink 30 “shooters” consisting of various mixtures of hard alcohol equaling around a liter of hard liquor. Due to his level of intoxication, the man had to be carried home. Once home, the father shortly passed away of cardiac arrest.

According to the daughter’s testimony, the bar owner had pushed her father to continue drinking after he had finished his 30th shooter by saying “only 12 to go.” The family’s lawyer claims it was a serious mistake for the bar owner to incite a patron to drink such copious amounts of liquor, Inquistr reported. Although it cannot be confirmed whether or not the deceased would have still been alive if he had not drank the last 12 shots, the family’s lawyer, Antoine Portal, says that by drinking those last shots the deceased was left with no chance to find out.

The bar’s owner tells a different story. While he admits that it was a mistake to have such a sign posted outside his venue, he claims he did in fact try to “cut off” the patron from continuing to drink.

“When you are the owner of a bar and an order has been placed, you cannot always verify who is drinking what. We cannot stand behind every customer. The customers are responsible for themselves as are their families and friends,” the owner’s attorney, Renaud Porejoie explained, as reported by Inquisitr.

The case has not yet gone to trial but comes amid the French government’s attempts to curtail binge drinking, especially among youth. A French draft health bill could make encouraging minors to drink excessively punishable with up to a year in jail or a hefty fine. The draft also forbids the sale of products to minors inciting people to get drunk, such as T-shirts depicting drunkenness in a humorous manner, The Huffington Post reported.

Alcohol has always been an important part of French culture and the country has some of the world’s most lax laws pertaining to alcohol consumption in all of the world. However, binge-drinking or massive consumption of alcohol designed to cause intoxication in a minimum amount of time, is relatively new to France. The Washington Post reported that in only three years France has seen a 20 percent rise in hospital admissions for alcohol consumption, with the problem being more prominent in the younger generation.

Advocates for anti-binge drinking legislature believe that France’s problem with the practice spawned from American and British traditions.

“Whereas once [the young French]would enjoy a glass of wine at family dinners, and drink coffee in cafes, [now] they see the excesses of their counterparts across [Britain] as something to emulate,” Nabila Ramdani, a Parisian commentator on Anglo-French affairs, told The Guardian. “Alcohol is associated with a glamorous, exciting life and the chance to express yourself.”