MarketsandMarkets estimates that, in the US, dietary supplements will claim a $167.5 billion market in 2023. Over half of American adults — along with more than a third of American children — take at least one supplement.

These supplements make big promises, and the public has bought in. Unfortunately, they are not delivering, which is why xNARA claims the failure of dietary supplements lies in the medical community's one-size-fits-all approach to health for the past century.


"Because every person is unique, one bottle of pills will never be able to address the health needs of an entire population," says Dr. Rafi Ahmad, xNARA's Chief R&D Officer. "We share things in common, but variations in our genetic makeup, diet, environment, and lifestyle mean that our bodies are built differently. At xNARA, we utilize a nutrition quiz, DNA assessment, and gut profile test to capture a holistic overview of your unique health needs. We analyze the results and tailor a formula targeting the specific disease risks and health issues arising from your individual genetics and microbiome imbalances."

A groundbreaking personalized health supplement

Individual health needs and wellness goals vary widely, but for over a century, medicine addressed these unique needs with blanket prescriptions and generic pills. In 2020, xNARA launched to change this approach.

Today, the company operates offices in Singapore, Dubai, and Austin. To deliver supplements capable of targeting each person's diverse needs with clinically based treatments, the xNARA team utilized 324,000 hours of research and development. They spent three years collaborating with world-renowned experts from trusted institutions such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

This dedication to scientific precision has earned them the trust and endorsement of renowned figures in the industry. By looking at each person's biology, lifestyle, and overall health, the xNARA team can determine his or her exact nutritional needs. The combination of a person's physiological deficiencies, genetic health risks, environmental factors, and personal health goals is as personal as a fingerprint.

For this reason, xNARA developed a line of personalized supplements called Complements to cater to everyone's specific requirements, then custom designs each regimen of Complements from a list of 125 highly potent vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics, prebiotics, bioactive compounds, and herbal extracts. Their team then utilizes precise individual markers to combine the right ingredients into just the right dosages for each individual's body needs.

How to obtain a personalized formula for health

Users of xNARA begin by taking an online assessment that is 5 minutes long to determine their individual health profile, lifestyle habits, health goals, and biological makeup. The results allow xNARA to design a formula for dietary supplements that meet each person's specific needs.

To obtain the next level of personalization, xNARA customers can opt to take a gut profile and genetic test. Insights into a person's metabolism enable their team to customize supplements according to how the user absorbs the ingredients, and data on their genetic predisposition enables xNARA to customize the ingredients to unique disease risks.

In days, customers receive their personalized supplements in the form of a 30-day supply of ready-to-drink powder sachets. The probiotics and nutraceutical sachets come in an appealing flavor and mix easily into cool water.

"Skip the hassle of purchasing and trying multiple supplements for multiple health concerns," Dr. Ahmad remarks. "Finding the best dietary supplement for your unique health needs does not get any easier or more convenient than this."

Along with the supplements, customers receive individualized health reports and access to their own health dashboard, allowing them to see the formula chosen to meet their health requirements, the superfoods they need most, and the foods they should avoid. The dashboard also enables them to access a personalized exercise program.

Personalized health supplements custom crafted from 125 ingredients

The supplements customers receive from xNARA contain only the ingredients clinically proven to treat their individual health needs. For example, if a user's assessments indicate skin issues, then the supplement will include antioxidants in the form of SkinAx2TM.Clinical research reveals that this ingredient improves skin radiance, colour, and firmness while reducing imperfections. If weight loss is the goal, amongst other ingredients, Slendesta and Morosil, two compounds clinically proven to reduce appetite, increase metabolism and lead to weight and waist reduction are provided in optimal dosages.

Other customers' formulas contain ingredients scientifically proven to deliver sharper mental clarity, higher-quality sleep, and more physical energy during the day. Individual supplements can also reduce anxiety, depression, and hair loss.

"If we have 1 billion different customers, then we are producing 1 billion unique formulas," Dr. Ahmad explains. "Our focus on personalization sets us apart,"

Every ingredient used by xNARA is high quality, safe, effective, and GMP and HACCP certified. The nutraceuticals are also vegan, non-GMO, allergen, and preservative-free.

98% Satisfaction Rate

To date, xNARA's consumer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. In a recent 2023 survey of over 24,000 customers, xNARA found that 98% prefer the Complements personalized formula they received to traditional supplements they have tried in the past. In addition, 88% of the participants report health improvements in at least one area, and 86% say they have noticed benefits in two or more areas.

Customers reported benefits include weight loss, skin improvements, improved energy and mood, and improved gut and gastrointestinal health, amongst others.

According to xNARA, 94% of their customers only do an online assessment followed by buying Complements, and don't opt for a gut microbiome or genetic test. Through a convenient and easy process, the results delivered are highly satisfactory.

"Complements from xNARA provide the personalized approach and scientifically backed formulation that are revolutionizing traditional dietary supplements," Dr. Ahmad says. "You owe it to your mind and body to explore the new era of personalized health."

What is the global health community saying?

The team at xNARA has worked with over 342 scientists across the U.S. and Europe to develop Complements.

Dr. Uma Naidoo, a Harvard University Professor and Author, raves about xNARA's personalized system, stating, "I strongly recommend xNARA because it's a personalized system and clients get everything they need for their body and mind in just two sachets. The science behind the product is revolutionary and really allows customers to reap so many benefits.

Dr. Shane Creado, an author and expert in sleep, performance, and psychiatry, is also a devoted user of Complements. He has witnessed significant health and wellbeing improvements in his clients, ranging from professional athletes to corporate professionals. Dr. Creado emphasizes that xNARA's personalized approach and quality ingredients make it unparalleled in the market.

Dr. Francesco Campanini, Head of Natural Alternative Ingredients in Europe, applauds xNARA's Swiss-quality manufacturing and individualized approach. He attests that he has yet to encounter a product that matches xNARA's sophistication, quality, and scientific precision in the nutritional supplements space.

Dr. Kenneth Pelletier applauds the company's 'personalized' approach which draws 'effective and impactful results' and has recently joined its scientific committee.

The success of xNARA is attributed to its focus on R&D and personalization, and its commercial success is made possible through reaching millions of people monthly, primarily relying on word-of-mouth and influencers.