With almost four decades of data of recorded troposphere temperatures, both U.S and British scientists are convinced that not only is the Earth’s surface temperature registering an increase but this is also happening in the troposphere – which is responsible for the changing weather.

In reviewing a large amount of data put together as a paper, scientists have put paid to a controversy that began in the year of 1990, when a scientific report by a satellite station raised doubts as to whether the troposphere’s temperatures were increasing, attributed largely due to the increase in temperature at the Earth’s surface as well.

While measuring surface temperatures are easy due to the fact that most weather stations are close to or on the ground, recording these temperatures in the troposphere is far more complicated. And scientists consider the building up of greenhouse gases and the consequent trapping of heat to be the reason for the troposphere to register an increase in temperatures as well.

And why this has taken so long is because of the earlier climate balloons and satellites that weren’t effective enough in capturing accurate readings as opposed to the weather satellites and balloons of today that have been able to do so. This was why the 1990 study did not match the predictions of most scientists when it revealed that there was no temperature change in the troposphere (even in the tropics).

However, with this latest paper that has cited almost 195 papers, atmospheric data sets and climate model results that all pointed to the same conclusion of the warming of the troposphere, this will come as news to those who doubt the reality of climate change and the role of human activity in this change as well.