A newly hired employee at a New Jersey day care accidentally poured drinks from a re-purposed gallon milk container filled with a mix of bleach and water to young children, assuming it was water.

At around 10:53am on Thursday, the Growing Tree Learning Center II employee distributed the “water” to 28 children and two adults, who then drank a diluted mix of water and bleach. Though it didn’t cause any serious problems, the children were sent to the hospital immediately to be checked. The hospital staff announced that there were no life-threatening complications and the children were released to be taken home.

Accidental ingestion of bleach — particularly among children — occurs every so often, and poison centers recommend different treatments depending on how much bleach is ingested. Hospitalization usually isn’t required when the consumed amount is smaller than 100 ml. Fortunately, none of the children from the downtown Jersey City day care were injured, and were returned home safely that day with no adverse symptoms.

The day care was set to open again on Friday, and parents were given a letter explaining what happened. The employee who mistakenly gave children bleach to drink was fired, and the remaining day care staff will have a re-training session, according to ABC 7.