Def Leppard lead guitarist Vivian Campbell has remained in high spirits following his announcement that he will be undergoing cancer treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma, reports the Associated Press.

"I'm about 2 months in and feeling rather spiffy, all things considered, Hodgkin's has an over 80% cure rate, so by my reckoning, if you're going to have a cancer, Hodgie's is the one to have!" the 50-year-old rocker said via a statement.

Campbell said he has already completed two months of chemotherapy; however, he still has another four months ahead of him. His participation in the upcoming Def Leppard concert this summer has been postponed.

Doctors were able to identify the treatable form of cancer during a surgical biopsy prompted by a persistent cough. "I feel fortunate that my cancer sent me an alarm call in the form of 'the cough that wouldn't quit," Campbell added.

In the face of his nerve-wracking ordeal, Campbell has taken a humorous approach to dealing with his trepidation.

"Me and my new aerodynamic hairstyle (no hair) are going on tour this summer with the band and I don't want anyone to be so shocked by my new look that they ask for a refund," he joked. "Simple economics, really."

Hodgkin's lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system characterized by the painless enlargement of lymph nodes, spleen, or immune tissue. According to the National Institute of Cancer, the United States was home to 9,290 new cases of Hodgkin lymphoma in 2013 while 1,180 deaths were reported.