All that candy collected during Halloween has loads of sugars that do some serious damage to the children's teeth. Now, children can exchange their candies for cash at a dentist's clinic that will be sent to U.S. troops overseas.

"It's not good for anyone to eat pounds and pounds of candy. It's not good for your body. It's not good for your braces. It's not good for your teeth," said Dr. Tito Norris, orthodontist, reports

Dr. Amy Thompson, a dentist from Huntsville said that she is offering to buy a pound of candy for $1, WHNT news reported.

"Kids get way too much candy at Halloween, so if we can take some of that and send it over to the troops, I thought it would be a good idea," said Dr. Thompson. Last year, she collected about 100 pounds of candy, WHNT reported.

Parents can check to find out which local dentist is affiliated with the candy-buy-back offer. The candy are sent as part of care packages that also contain toiletries, DVDs, CDs, video games, headsets, webcams, snack food and letters of thanks, reports

Kool Smiles announced on Monday that children can trade candy for a toy of their choice at one of the 132 Kool Smiles Dental Offices. All the candy will be sent to U.S. troops serving overseas via Operation Gratitude.

"It really is important to them because it's a touch of home. It's something that they don't have over there," said Darlene Upton, the wife of a soldier, WHNT news reported.

Halloween Candy Buyback collected about 122,000 pounds of candy last year alone, reports abc news.