You can never do enough exercises to break up your sedentary work day, a lifestyle that may slowly be killing you. Between a sitting commute via car or train, eight hours slouched behind a computer, and a supine position during Netflix in the evening, many Americans find themselves fatigued on a day-to-day basis and gradually increasing their risk of chronic diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Fortunately, standing desks and easy exercises can be employed to help you avoid the health complications of an office job. You don’t have to be trapped in an endless cycle of sitting when you can use these examples of exercises to take control of your health — even during the busiest work days.

Let’s first begin with some simple stretches you can do at the office. When you’re sitting at your desk, stretching your neck, arms, and back can be an easy way to take short mental breaks and release the pressure of sitting in the same position. In fact, focusing on good posture at your chair can be a form of exercise in itself; Proper posture can open up your lungs, improve breathing, and alleviate pressure on your lower back. It has also been shown to improve memory, mood, and cognitive function.

It’s also important to sprinkle in some cardio during your work day, as even working out before or after work may not stop the adverse effects of sitting for the rest of the day. Go for a half-hour walk for lunch, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or wander around your office every fifteen minutes. You can also try jogging in place at your desk. Tone your muscles by raising your legs or squeezing your buttocks while seated, or sitting with your back against the wall. You can also experiment with a standing desk or swivel in your chair to spice things up. Perhaps most importantly, go outdoors for breaks of fresh air and stretching your legs.

Interested in other ways to change things up in your cubicle? Check out these desk yoga poses and other deskercises to keep you moving during the day.