As politicians debate a possible bailout of Detroit's creditors, residents of the shrinking city are wondering if there's a serial killer on the loose.

Police on Saturday found a third victim inside an apartment house on the city's west side — another burned body of a woman.

Fire Chief Jack Wiley discovered the young woman's body after firefighters responded to a small fire at the residential complex.

"It's a young lady, I think, I'm not sure," he told CBS Detroit. "All I could see was the leg and it looked like the leg of a lady than more of a man. So, I'm not sure yet."

Neighbors identified the woman only as "Felicia," a young mother whose two kids played outside in the yard. "We knew the girl, not personally but, you know, our kids play with her kids. It's just sad," a woman in the apartment house said.

The body of a 37-year-old woman was found on July 26, after the victim had been battered and burned. The unidentified victim was initially hospitalized in critical condition but has since stabilized. The day after that discovery, another unidentified woman, in her 20s or 30s, was found in a similar state after an apparent sexual assault and beating. Reporters were unable to ascertain her condition.

Police Chief Craig James Craig told Fox Detroit that investigators are looking for evidence connecting the three crimes.

"In my 36 years of policing other places I can tell you I never heard of this, this is a first time," Craig said. "It's certainly something I'm concerned about. I don't want to speak for the fire commissioner but I'm certain he is equally concerned."

Neighbors mentioned the woman's car had been found parked in an unusual spot at the complex. Investigators are awaiting an autopsy report.