Type 2 diabetes is the most common type of diabetes and taking steps to prevent it is quite hard as people suffering from this illness have to make it a priority most importantly if there is family history of having this disease or have overweight tendencies.

The disease’s prevention is as easy as eating the right foods, getting the right nutrients from it and being active physically to lose those excess pounds. It is never too late to start prevention measures. Changing your lifestyle may aid and guide one to avoid contracting serious complications that might arise from diabetes; kidney, nerve or heart damage, to name a few. Changing your life-long habits could be a giant leap towards prevention.

Here are some easy steps to adapt to:

Keep your body busy: Being physically busy means engaging in some regular activity that involves body movement and mobility, geared to lower body weight, lowered blood sugar levels, and boost sensitivity to insulin. The latter will help maintain blood sugar in its normal level. Aerobics and resistance training exercises could control diabetes especially when alternately done.

Fiber-plenty: Eating foods rich in fiber can reduce the risk of diabetes by controlling blood sugar level, lowering of heart disease risk, and promoting weight loss by making the stomach feel full. Foods rich in fiber are vegetable, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans and whole grains may bring about prevention of this disease.

Going for Whole: Look for the whole word on every bread, pasta, or any bread product package to be sure you get the best out of your meals. It is said that these grains can maintain blood sugar level of diabetic persons or those who are prone to the disease.

Shed off extra pounds: Being overweight can cause a lot of health problems and one of the most likely disease is diabetes. A person’s weight might take a pivot on the extra weight he has been holding on to. Exercising to shed off the unwanted fats can improve your body condition. A pound shed adds a good number of healthy months and years to your healthy life.

Avoid fad diets: There are a good number of diets that are recommended for diabetes alongside with other fad diets for losing weight but it is not yet known if these diets can be benefited from in terms of longer consumption. Limiting yourself with eating the right nutrients and correct food groups can be safer; always remember to take control with the size of food portions that you take.

See a doctor: It is never too late to visit a doctor. Being 45 or older would qualify you for diabetes testing, even if you have normal weight. Being overweight and less than 45 years of age are more at risk and that would qualify them for testing as well. Regardless of age and weight, people who have a history of the disease have to voluntarily submit themselves for testing. If found with positive, talk to the doctor and make suggestions as he will appreciate your efforts in keeping the illness at bay.