If there’s any disease that is known for its complications that can affect the patient at any point of time in their lives, diabetes comes to mind. The truth is that once you become a diabetic, taking care of your health becomes a daily priority which you just can’t afford to ignore.

While one might not be able to do this all the time, the least one can do is watch out for symptoms and schedule a medical checkup at the earliest. And so if you do not know what those symptoms are, here is a list of symptoms that should help you identify a complication arising from the condition of diabetes:

Symptom #1: Blurry vision and medical issues related to the eyes

Almost every diabetic will experience issues with their vision at some point of time or the other, and while it can be as simple as blurry vision, it can extend to far more issues such as retinopathy as well.

Symptom #2: Swollen or bloody gums and foot sores

Foot sores and wounds that have been developed take a long time to heal, especially if you are a diabetic, and it is imperative that one schedules a checkup immediately. Along with this, it is important to wash your feet with warm water every day while also adding a moisturizer to prevent dry skin. If this isn’t done, this can lead to an infection that can twice as hard to deal with. When it comes to swollen or bloody gums (that won’t heal), one should check with their dentist immediately.

Symptom #3: Heart disease symptoms

There’s no doubt that if one gets diabetes, the risk of getting a stroke as well as cardiovascular disease increases drastically. The symptoms can be similar to what one’s body exhibits for any of these diseases or can something as vague as shoulder ache or even nausea.