Ballerinas are a marvel of entertainment due to their extreme flexibility and unmatched endurance on the stage. The athletic capabilities of 38-year-old Russian ballerina, Anastasia Volochkova, in the bedroom were no match for 45-year-old husband, Bakhtiyar Salimov. The session quickly turned into a dance with danger after Salimov suffered sex-induced back pains, which landed him in the hospital, bedridden.

“Bakhtiyar just could not get out of bed. We had been for a meal together to celebrate being back together and afterwards we put our feet up on the sofa,” Volochkova told Life News, Russia’s daily newswire. “He didn't have any other exercise that day except for having sex twice.” His back pain became so severe, the medication he received from the paramedics did not help.

The couple was reportedly celebrating Salimov’s recent recovery from an undisclosed serious illness when the back pains began to set in. "He can't stand up and is currently confined to his bed," Volochkova said. It is not clear whether Salimov’s serious illness played a role in his sex injury.

A serious or life-threatening illness can have a psychological and physical impact on an individual. Salimov’s illness may have required several lifestyle changes, which could have led him to feel different, or respond differently to sex. Also, the couple’s sexual positioning could have contributed to the sex-induced back pains.

Reports do not specify Salimov’s physical fitness. However, being physically fit, like Volochkova, does come with its advantages when it comes to sex. Improved muscle tone can increase sexual gratification, according to, since orgasms depend on multiple muscle activity. The relationship between physical fitness and sexual function increases a person’s overall sexual pleasure.

This isn’t the first time Volochkova’s athletic frame is making headlines. The former Bolchoi Ballet dancer made headlines in 2003 when she was fired from the ballet for being too fat, at 106 pounds, and too tall, at 5-foot-7, the Daily Mail reported . None of Volchkova’s male partners wanted to carry her.

''She is heavy for a ballerina; she is hard to lift,'' Katerina Novikova, the theater's spokeswoman, said in an interview, The New York Times reported. Novikova continued to add that although there is no standard weight for ballerinas, she believes Volochkova “is bigger than others.'' Volochkova quickly took the company to court and was awarded thousands of dollars in her lawsuit.

The ballerina launched a successful solo career before settling down. Now, the Russian dancer will remain alongside Salimov throughout his second recovery. It is unknown how long he will be bedridden.