If the sound of drill makes you cringe, how about the bite dental procedures can take out of your pocket? The best way to prevent both is with discount dental plans which can cost you as little as $7 a month. It may be among the best money you spend.

That's for 2 reasons:

Save money:

Dental procedures can be expensive. You never know when you are going to need work on your mouth and when you do you, you simply can't put it off. Dental procedures left untreated will generally get a lot worse, so delaying action may well result in the need for a far more expensive procedure later on.

Save your health:

The second reason is your health and wellbeing. Most dental plans are focused on preventative care, therefore, they will usually fully cover twice-yearly checkups for teeth cleaning and X-rays. The cost of these alone can be higher than your premium. Knowing that these are paid for makes it more likely that you will go for your check-ups, which will lead to a much healthier you.

As with medical insurance, there are two main types of dental plans:

Dental HMOs: Similar to a traditional HMO. You have a limited selection of dentists, but this type of plan offers the best deal in terms of limiting out-of-pocket costs. Premium costs are likely to be most affordable. Often HMOs will guarantee one or two dentists within 15 miles of home or work.

Dental PPOs: If you go to a dentist in the network you'll pay one set of prices. Or you can take a lower reimbursement percentage to see a dentist who is not in the plan.

Regardless of the type of plan you pick, If you do need a major procedure, the insurance could prevent the out-of-pocket cost from turning your smile into frown.

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