In the realm of self-empowerment and self-discovery, Angelina Fabian stands out with her knowledge of the Human Design System (HDS), particularly regarding the nine centers of addiction and their solutions. The Human Design System intertwines ancient wisdom with modern science, offering new insights into how we think, feel, and act. It serves as a map that decodes our unique behaviors, desires, and paths to personal healing.

Angelina Fabian, in her role as a lecturer and analyst of Human Design, has passionately researched these nine centers. Through her journey, she has discovered the profound ways in which they influence our daily decisions, emotions, and life paths.

Open Root Center: Angelina emphasizes the importance of understanding the open Root Center to find relaxation and peace. Those with an open Root Center often feel the burden of external pressure, leading to an addiction to stress and adrenaline.

Open Sacral Center: Angelina's insights help individuals understand their correct energy levels and fall in love with their unique design. People with an open Sacral Center tend to overlook their limits, thus exceeding them, which leads to exhaustion and dependency on energy, sex, work, and people.

Open Spleen Center: Angelina's guidance assists individuals in trusting their instincts and finding security. Those with an open Spleen Center seek comfort zones and become addicted to feeling well, often staying too long in unhealthy jobs or relationships.

Open Emotional Center: Angelina underscores the importance of clarity about where we possess our own emotions or mirror others'. Those with an open Emotional Center often suppress pain, seek only the "good feelings," and avoid confrontations, which leads to an addiction to harmony and intense feelings of romance.

Open Ego/Heart Center: Angelina's teachings help people recognize their own worth and detach from the constant need for external validation. Those with an open Ego/Heart Center are addicted to constantly proving themselves and seeking recognition and acceptance from others.

Open G Center: Angelina's insights aid individuals in finding true love and direction without losing themselves. Those with an open G Center are addicted to love, identity, and orientation, constantly seeking belonging and direction.

Open Throat Center: Angelina leads individuals to speak their truth authentically without constantly seeking attention. Those with an open Throat Center are addicted to attention and try to draw others' attention to themselves.

Open Ajna Center: Angelina stresses in her teaching that we all have a very differentiated way of packing the world into mental concepts. Those with an open Ajna Center, in their shadow pretend to be mentally secure and try to convince others of their certainty.

Open Head Center: Angelina's insights help individuals focus on essential questions and find clarity amidst chaos and worries. Those with an open Head Center are addicted to answers, mental stimulation, and inspiration and can easily get lost in worries.

Her insights into the nine centers and her understanding of the Human Design System offer people hope to navigate their transformation journey with self-acceptance and authenticity.

Angelina's approach is tailored to the individual, respecting their unique journey and experiences without a one-size-fits-all solution. Her commitment to authenticity and integrity makes her a trusted advisor in the field of trauma healing and Human Design.

Angelina Fabian's work is a testament to the power of understanding one's design and living authentically. Through her Human Design analysis, countless individuals have found their path to genuine healing and self-discovery.

Experience the transformative power of Angelina's work and embark on a journey of healing and self-empowerment.