Apryl Brown never imagined that her quest for the perfect body would lead to the possibility of her death. Following a series of silicone butt injections, Brown was left with a severe staph infection that almost took her life, but ended up claiming her hands, feet, hips, and flesh surrounding her buttocks. She now hopes her DIY plastic surgery nightmare can serve as a cautionary tale for other people looking to get a quick cosmetic fix that is less costly.

"All I would ask them to do is, when you have that first thought, make sure they have a second thought about it and do a little research. And if they still want to do it, go for it,” Brown told CNN. “They won't be blind sighted, saying, 'Oh, my God, I had no idea that a simple procedure like that can leave me with no hands, no feet and no butt cheeks.'"

Brown's harrowing journey began back in 2004 when a client recommended an inexpensive butt injection regimen that did not require a trip to the plastic surgeon. She had always been self-conscious about her backside but knew the expensive procedure was out of her price range. The low cost alternative seemed like the answer to her prayers. However, after finishing the second of four injections into her butt cheeks, she had a sudden change of heart over her decision.

"A voice just came to me like, 'What are you doing? Are you serious? You are going to allow somebody to inject something into your body and you have no idea what it is,’” Brown explained.

Although she cut her silicone injection routine short, Brown would still suffer catastrophic results from the DIY plastic surgery kit. By June 2010, a staph infection caused by the butt injections led to necrosis of her limbs. Doctors were forced to amputate her hands, feet, hips, and the flesh surrounding her buttocks to help save her life. After testing the phony cosmetic injection that was shot into Brown’s butt, doctors were shocked to find that it was actually bathroom caulk.