Jewelry that requires a swab kit? Italian researchers have designed the latest accessory to help you express your individuality that features your own unique DNA sequence. The DNAME bracelet promises to be the only piece of jewelry that is completely exclusive to the wearer without revealing their entire genome code.

“Because we do believe everyone is special and one of a kind… that’s why we dream to realize unique and irreproducible products,” said DNAME’s designers.

After pledging $149 on DNAME’s Kickstarter account, future customers will receive an at-home DNA analysis kit complete with a buccal swab. A cotton swab containing their DNA sample and authorization is sent to a company-approved laboratory for decoding. The sample is decoded into a DNA sequence featuring the letters A-C-T-G. Finally, a 6.1-inch adjustable bracelet engraved with their unique DNA sequence is shipped to their doorstep.

Our human DNA sequence includes upward of three billion letters that each person has 99.9 percent in common. Instead of engraving the customer’s entire DNA sequence, scientists only use the “non-coding DNA" sequence. The information included with the DNA sequence cannot disclose their sex, hair color, height, body mass, or any diseases. Genetic information found in the DNA swab is never shared with a third party.

“The DNA is the most unique and secret part of ourself and that's why our priority is to guarantee the security and the privacy of our customers,” the designers state on their Kickstarter account. “We believe our product is more than a simple bracelet and in order to ensure you the best quality all the steps (production, assembling and packaging) are designed and realized in Italy, where we live. So we can easily follow all the steps.”