Dr. Robert Mandell, Tyngsboro, MA. advises that patients who snore often have an undiagnosed condition called sleep apnea. This condition usually means your airway closes off during sleep depriving you of oxygen. This explains why many patients wake up with a headache,needing multiple cups of coffee in the morning and a general feeling of being tired after eight hours of sleep. It slowly robs people of their health vitality and can be lethal.

Dr. Mandell advises his patients that there is now a cost effective product called SnoreRx® - 'The prescription for Snoring' that is painless and proven clinically effective. It is a patented and FDA approved mouthguard that you wear at night.

It works by slightly moving your lower jaw forward thereby maintaining an open airway, physicians refer to this as a mandibular advancement device. SnoreRx® meets and exceeds the new Medicare design standards.

It is unique in that it is the only product that allows the patient to adjust the custom fit in 1mm increments for maximum comfort. This setting may be unlocked and reset at any time! Dr. Robert Lebby, MD FAASM, a Board certified sleep specialist, likes the fact that there are no metal parts, or any moving parts that could potentially compromise a patient.

Jimmy Fallon of Apnea Sciences Corp. said, "We introducedSnoreRx® a little over a year ago and the demand has been more than we could have anticipated.

Worldwide demand now requires a seven days a week production schedule. Witha price tag of only $99 it represents considerable value for a medical grade product that is 100% Guaranteed to work." www.snorerx.com