To become a physician of any sort, individuals go through the most rigorous course work for nearly 11 years, not including doctors who choose a specific specialty. After years of serious training one would think humor is acceptable to reduce the tension and burnout that nearly 50 percent of American physicians suffer from. However, for many, "humorously promoting death" is unacceptable.

In a survey conducted by the Tufts University School of Medicine, 75 percent of doctors have been accused of gallows humor in medicine. Gallows humor is defined as humor that treats serious, frightening or painful subject matter in a light or satirical manner.

Many physicians believe there is a difference between gallows humor and derogatory humor.

"What jokes illustrate about medical society is that doctors and nurses are members of a pluralistic culture that clearly contains within it conflicting beliefs about end-of-life care, specifically hastening death," says author Lewis M. Cohen, MD, of Tufts University School of Medicine, Baystate Medical Center in Massachusetts.

Although 30 percent of physicians who have made jokes regarding deaths have been accused of murder or euthanasia, Dr. Cohen believes doctors should not completely rule out joking about deaths. He cites that, according Freud, laughter provides emotional release and jokes reveal more about the societal attitudes of that exact moment and have nothing to do with the person it was directed to.

Here are a few slang terms to be aware of on your next trip to the doctor's office or ER:

Ash Cash: Money received for seining cremation forms

Banana: A person with jaundice

Bury the Hatchet: when a physician accidently leaves a surgical instrument inside a patient

CLL: Complete low life

Code Brown: a patient who lost control of his or her bowels

Donorcycle: motorcycle

FLK: a funny looking kid

GPO: Good for parts only

GROLIES: A guardian reader of low intelligence in an ethnic skirt

Handbag Positive: A confused patient, usually an elderly woman who is lying on a hospital bed clutching a handbag

House Red: Blood

JAR Syndrome: Just Ain't Right (for patient's with multiple diseases/issues)

LOBNH: Lights on but nobody is home (an unresponsive patient)

MFC: Measure For Coffin

OAP: Over anxious patient

PRATFO: Patient Reassured And Told to F*** Off

Rudy Baga: Patient with terminal brain injury, persistent vegetative state (play on rutabaga)

SIG: Stroppy ignorant girl

Two Beers: the number of beers every patient involved in an alcohol-related automobile accident claims to have drunk before the accident

UBI: Unexplained beer injury

YOYO: You're on your own