An itchy nose could be a sign that you’re catching a cold, but for one Indian woman, it was a friendly hello from her body’s newest tenant. According to a recent report, a 42-year-old woman managed to have a full-grown cockroach crawl inside of her nose, and it took 12 hours, four hospital visits, and a pair of forceps in order to get the creepy crawler to leave.

Although it’s not clear how the insect got there, for close to 12 hours, a woman identified as “Selvi” had the cockroach in her nose, The Times of India reported. The roach was located in the nasal cavity between the eyes, close to the brain, and had begun to make it hard for the patient to breath.

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"It was alive. And it didn't seem to want to come out," Dr. MN Shankar of Stanley Medical College and Hospital in Chennai, India, where the woman was treated, told The Times of India.

At first, doctors tried to suction the creature out of the woman’s nose, but this only caused it to cling stronger to her nasal cavity. In the end, they needed to use forceps to pull it out in a procedure that lasted about 45 minutes.

Although this was the first time any of the doctors reported seeing something as large or strange as a full-grown cockroach in a person’s body, unfortunately creepy crawlers like to take refuge inside of us more often than you know. Our bodies are warm and moist, or in other words, an ideal home for an insect.

Also in India, one 12-year-old girl was so unlucky as to have not just one bug inside of her body, but an entire colony. The young girl complained of head pain, and upon closer examination, doctors found that an ant colony was living inside of her, The Toronto Sun reported. A dozen of so ants emerge from her ears each day, and doctors believe that hundreds could actually reside inside of her head.

In another case, a woman referred to only as Ms. Lee was treated at China's Changsha Central Hospital of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery for inexplicable ear pain. When doctors looked inside, they found a spider living in the woman’s ear canal.

Perhaps even worse than a cockroach or spider was one older woman who was unfortunate enough to have 57 maggots living inside of her ear, CBS News reported. The 92-year-old woman already had an enlarged ear canal due to prior surgery, and doctors believe a fly had laid eggs inside of her ear resulting in the infestation of maggots.

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