Shivering after you pee is a phenomenon that affects a lot of people, and seems to impact males more than females. So, what is happening in your body that causes this to happen?

In SciShow’s new video “Why Do I Shiver When I Pee?”, host Olivia Gordon breaks down the science that explains why this happens. But there is no peer-reviewed research on the subject.

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Shivering when you pee is non-officially called post-micturition convulsion syndrome. The theory behind it is that it comes from an extra strong interaction between two parts of the body’s nervous system.

Basically, commencing urination lowers your blood pressure, which comes from the parasympathetic nervous system. Meanwhile, urinating also activates the sympathetic nervous system — responsible for involuntary bodily processes.

It’s difficult to prove this theory, and future scientific studies are required to further understand this bodily reaction.

Want to know more about the nervous system and why it may make you shiver after peeing? Watch SciShow’s video above.

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