It’s the age-old question, for men at least — “Does size matter?” That’s just one of the hard-hitting questions a group of women are asked on an episode of Buzzfeed’s “Girls Answer Questions Guys Are Too Embarrassed to Ask.” The question has certainly been beaten over the head with survey upon survey, but it seems that there still hasn’t been a resounding “yes” or “no” — though “it’s how you use it” tends to be repeated often.

Other hard-hitting questions delve into everything from “Do looks really matter?” to “Do your periods actually sync?”

While most of the women actually agree on this one (they said yes), menstrual synchrony is supposed to be pretty rare, according to Scientific American. The one study that proved it actually happened was conducted in 1971 by psychologist Martha McClintock, who noticed during her college days that close friends in her all-girls dorm tended to menstruate around the same time. She found that if syncing were to happen, it would be caused by pheromones. Nevertheless, every study thereafter was inconclusive.