At the end of the day, all we really want is true love, but has modern technology, such as online dating, made love easier or more difficult to find? Lucky for us, the team at Life Noggin recently investigated this question, and stumbled upon some pretty interesting answers.

Modern technology has given us nearly unlimited access to potential dates on every continent and from every culture. But are more choices really the solution to a better love life? Maybe not. According to the recent Noggin video, the theory of ‘The Paradox of Choice’ suggests that the more choices people have, the more likely they are to avoid decisions, or be unhappy with the decisions they do make. It seems that the plethora of potential dates on online dating sites and apps can easily overwhelm us, leaving us disenchanted, and unfortunately, still unhappy.

So, would we be happier if we had no choice at all in our love life? Well, according to Life Noggin, that’s not exactly true either. On the other hand, the Single Option Aversion theory posits that if we only have one choice, even if it's an attractive choice, we will still be unwilling to choose it without a competing option.

So there you have it — the secret to a successful dating life seems to lie somewhere in between having more than one choice but far from unlimited choices. As for whether dating was easier in a time before social media, there’s really no way to determine this without understanding the thought processes that drove those in the past to pick their loved ones.

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