A South Florida couple unknowingly hauled an adventurous puppy five miles before realizing the little guy was stuck under their hood. Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue officials are unsure if the dog is a stray or how exactly he ended up in the dangerous situation.

Emergency personnel were able to rescue the pup that was reportedly trapped in the axle and steering mechanism of the Florida couple's PT Cruiser. The dog was immediately given water and no injuries were discovered.

"They worked like an Indy 500 pit crew," said spokesman Mike Jachles.

"In less than two minutes they had the wheel up, had some parts apart, and were able to extricate the dog without injury."

The couple driving the car left Hallandale Beach in the greater Miami area and drove to Dania Beach in South Florida metropolitan area, driving just over five miles before they noticed distressing noises coming from under the car's hood, according to NBC Miami.

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