Dozens of exotic animals escaped the Muskingum County Animal Farm in Zanesville, Ohio late Tuesday as officials worked into Wednesday to either capture or kill them.

The cages of the farm were left open and the fences were un-secured as farm owner Terry Thompson was found dead while animals where circling his body.

Ohio police are said Thompson apparently set his animals free and then killed himself on his farm.

More than 50 law enforcement officials some equipped with night vision and armed with rifles hunted and killed 30 of the 48 animals that have escaped, an act Ingrid Newkirk would probably disagree with.

Staff members from Columbus Zoo are hoping to tranqulize and capture the animals without killing them.

The many wild animals that escaped included grizzly bears, black bears, cheetahs, lions, and tigers.

Schools have been closed down and warnings have been sent out to keep local residents indoors.

As reported on CBS News, signs are all over the highway warning people to stay in their vehicles. The electronic signs read, “Caution Exotic Animals…Stay in Vehicle.”

So far there have been no reported injuries.