Michael Jackson and his doctor, Conrad Murray, were apparently closer than most people could have imagined. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Murray, who was infamously convicted of involuntary manslaughter in connection with the singer’s death, proclaimed that he did not kill Jackson. In fact, Murray said that he took such good care of the pop star that he didn’t mind holding his penis every night.

"You want to know how close we were?” said Murray. “I held [Jackson’s] penis every night to fit a catheter because he was incontinent at night."

Murray, 60, revealed that Jackson wore dark pants all the time because his penis would drip urine for hours, according to TMZ. In order to prevent the singer from urinating in his bed while he slept, Murray fitted him with a catheter nightly.

Murray told the Daily Mail that he was Jackson’s personal physician and confidante. In his first interview since being released from prison, the doctor insists that he was like family to Jackson and that his children and would have never done anything to put the singer’s life in danger. He said he was doing everything in his power to protect his friend, but Jackson ended up succumbing to his physical and mental health problems.

“This man who had been so lonely, who had spent so many long nights telling me about his pain and anguish, finally felt he could trust someone in his life apart from his children,” said Murray. “We were family. We loved each other as brothers.”

In the candid interview, Murray said that he did not know that Jackson used the anesthetic propofol until he began working with the singer in preparation for his ill-fated 2009 “This Is It” tour. Jackson explained to Murray that German doctors gave him the drug to help him sleep. Murray says he gave the pop star small doses of the drug as he tried to wean him off of it, the last time being three days before Jackson’s death. He insists that Jackson administer his own fatal dose of drugs in the hours before he died.

“I did not kill Michael Jackson. He was a drug addict,” Murray proclaimed. “Michael Jackson accidentally killed Michael Jackson.”

Murray was released from prison on Monday, October 28 after serving two years in prison for Jackson’s death. He is still appealing his conviction, maintaining that Jackson mistakenly killed himself.

For Dr. Conrad Murray's complete interview, visit the Daily Mail online.