Drinking from water bottles is a convenient way to hydrate at work or at the gym, but it could cause wrinkles too, according to some.

Dr. Mitchell Chasin, a New Jersey cosmetic dermatologist, is warning people who use water bottles that constantly pursing their lips to drink from a water bottle could increase their chance of developing lines at the corners of the mouth.

"The repetitive motions of things that we do in everyday life — drinking from water bottles — will form these deep wrinkles in our lips," Chasin told CBS Los Angeles.

Chasin is the Medical Director at Reflections, an aesthetic medical practice in New Jersey.

Cosmetic dermatology, rather than medical or surgical dermatology, is meant specifically to treat a patient's skin, hair, or nails for the sake of improving that patient's appearance rather than treat diseases. Though they have to go through medical school and residency, cosmetic dermatologists train in treatments like Botox and tumescent liposuction, a procedure that removes extra layers of fat from the body.

Susanne Rennie, who was interviewed by CBS Los Angeles, said that her mother had warned her to stop drinking from water bottles. "She used to say all the time, 'Stop drinking out of that bottle, you're going to have lines around your mouth.' Well here I am," she said.

Chasin explained that there are several cosmetic dermatology procedures that can help remove lines around the lips, but the simplest way to avoid premature lines was to drink from cups, not water bottles.

Whether or not the development of lip wrinkles is a concern to you, perhaps the most important habit is to simply drink water, regardless of its assumed negative skin effects.