Police in Ohio are investigating a possible child endangerment case after a woman running her own at-home day care was accused of giving children drugged pancakes.

Tammy Eppley of Westerville, Ohio has been charged with six counts of child endangerment for allegedly drugging pancakes with melatonin and antihistamine allergy medication and then serving them to six children under her care, according to 10TV reports.

"We thought there was enough probably cause to charge her, we're pretty positive that she did this," said Westerville Lt. Paul Scowden who has also advised anyone with information to contact detectives at 614-882-7444.

Eppley says the incident is nothing more than a misunderstanding started by a disgruntled former acquaintance. "I had a couple of problem children that were hyperactive," she told 10TV. "I would say off-colored texts like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to drug them. They're driving me bananas.'" She also admitted to giving some of the children Benadryl with their parent's permission.

In an official statement, the Franklin County Children Services (FCCS) said, "We investigated this allegation in May and are no longer working with this case or this family. It has now become a police matter. Such cases of allegations made against teachers or daycare workers are appropriately assessed by Children Services for their validity but in this case we are no longer investigating."

Just last month, the FCCS celebrated Child Abuse Prevention Month by hosting a community breakfast and Pinwheels for Prevention awareness campaign. For the FCCS's guide to successful parenting, visit its website.