Marijuana and alcohol are two of the most popular party drugs, but what happens when you use the two at the same time? Luckily, the team at AsapScience investigated for us, and the scientific answer may surprise you.

Alcohol affects your central nervous system, causing information flow to slow down. This makes you feel less, perceive less, and ultimately remember less. On the other hand, THC in marijuana causes neurons to fire continuously. This will magnify both your imagination and your thoughts. However, both of these drugs inhibit the transmission of a neurotransmitter called glutamate. As a result, their combined use is linked to poor memory, which may be why you find it extremely difficult to recall the evening when you’ve used both of these substances together.

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Individuals who use both these drugs reported a better high with better mood and better euphoric effects, and there may be a scientific explanation for this. Alcohol causes the muscles in our body to relax, which increases blood flow and ultimately allows for more THC absorption.

However, there may also be a downside to using these together. One of the most notable side effects of marijuana is its ability to prevent vomiting, but unfortunately, vomiting is our body’s main defense against alcohol poisoning. Removing this reflex could have dangerous results.

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