An Arizona State University (ASU) student was left unconscious in the lobby of an emergency room early Saturday morning with a post-it note stuck to him, CBS News reported. The sticky note gave his name, said that he'd been drinking, and asked for help. Originally unidentified, the student was recently named as Aidan Mohr, a 19-year-old ASU student.

Mohr was left at St. Luke's Hospital. Police said that he had passed out and started shaking after taking about 20 shots of tequila with his fraternity brothers. His frat brothers, out of fear for his safety and the possibility that they could get in trouble, decided to leave him at the hospital in hopes that someone would see him and help.

Hospital staff noticed the young man and took care of him. Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Pooley told local CBS affiliate KPHO that Mohr had a blood-alcohol level of .47 percent, which is nearly six times the legal drinking limit for driving. He has been released from the hospital and could face charges for underage drinking. The police said that it was not likely that they would pursue criminal charges against the young man's frat brothers.

The student is a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. The group has come into the national spotlight for similar incidents recently. Jack Culosias, a 19-year-old Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother, drowned in Salt River just last year. Culosias was last seen being kicked out of a bar during a fraternity party on November 30. An autopsy found his blood-alcohol level was .28 percent (which is well above the legal driving limit).

Police said these incidents have increased since ASU closed all on-campus Greek housing, likely because of enforcement issues. Now that fraternities and sororities have transitioned into the city, the school can't keep as close of an eye on them and it becomes the city's responsibility to police them.

"It's not just this fraternity. We've had a lot of issues with fraternities this year," Pooley said.