In Poland, a dentist is facing charges after yanking the tooth of a patient scheduled for a crown insertion. Why? He was drunk.

The unnerving events took place earlier this week in Radomsko, a town in central Poland.

United Press International reports that the local dentist would not listen to the objections made by the anesthetized 28-year-old patient, who was forced to watch in horror as one of his front teeth landed in the bin in front of him.

At first, the routine procedure seemed wholly unremarkable: the dentist seated the 28-year-old, advised him to open his mouth, and began to perform the usual preparations attending a crown insertion. However, while having his front teeth polished, the patient reportedly began to suspect that his dentist was drunk.

Things then took a dark turn when the dentist gave his patient five injections of anesthesia, and, in a somewhat counterintuitive move, suddenly set to work extracting the front tooth he had just taken the time to polish.

Shocked, the patient stopped the procedure and demanded to see his dental records. The dentist responded by throwing him out of the surgery room and barricading himself in his office.

The patient immediately notified the police, who were able to enter the dentist’s office and confirm that the 50-year-old was indeed drunk, and had been drunk during the entire procedure.

As soon as a formal damage assessment has been filed, the dentist is likely to face some serious charges. After all, he pretty much performed the diametric opposite of the procedure initially requested by the patient and future plaintiff.

While blood tests are currently being analyzed to determine exactly how drunk the dentist was during his malpractice, “a lot” to “very” would probably be a fair assumption considering the damage done.