The American couple that has had 19 children and stars in the Reality Show "19 Kids & Counting," announced Tuesday they are expecting their 20th child.

The news came as a surprise for those who follow the show since Michelle Duggar, had complications during her latest pregnancy that led to the premature birth of their daughter Josie, in December, 2009 at 25 weeks of age.

The girl now 2, is doing fine.

"That whole mindset that you stop after a problem pregnancy isn't realistic," she continues. "You may encounter struggles along the way. You may not have a perfect pregnancy, but each child is a precious gift," Duggar told People Magazine.

Duggar, 45, is now three and a half months pregnant.

Duggar experienced preeclampsia during her last pregnancy, a problem that happens among some women that experience high blood pressure; protein in their urine; and, often, swollen feet, legs, fingers, and hands.

Preeclampsia can harm the woman by causing seizures or a stroke. It might also cause the baby to be born early.

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