When reports came in from Liberia describing Ebola victims rising from the dead, most of the Western world brushed it off as figments of people’s imagination, but recent footage by ABC's Good Morning America suggests there may be a bit of truth to these zombie stories.

To the surprise of GMA's crew, a corpse they were filming sprung back to life moments before it was hauled into a truck on the way to the crematorium. The video is quickly going viral and giving the world a glimpse of just how bleak the situation in West Africa has become.

Dr. Richard Besser, ABC’s chief health and medical editor, who is currently working in Liberia, says Monrovia is currently a city where “if you die from Ebola, they are very quick for you. If you’re living and you need help, there’s really nowhere to go.” The doctor and his camera crew were able to witness this sad truth firsthand when they came across the “corpse” of a dead man on the side of a busy city road, ABC News reported.

Those surrounding the dead man told Besser that they had twice contacted local hospitals to get the dying man help, but their pleas were ignored. “We couldn't get him help when he was alive. They only come when you die,” a community leader told ABC News.

As men wearing protective suits sprayed the area with bleach and began to wrap what they believed to be a dead body in plastic, the man moved his arm. "He's alive," someone yelled, and the surrounding crowd began to cheer. Shortly after, an ambulance arrived to take the man away, but with no more space left in hospitals, it’s unclear where the man was taken.