Want to workout and save the planet at the same time? Then you might want to plan a trip to the chic Manhattan neighborhood of TriBeCa, where a Euro-themed gym just installed a fleet of self-powered treadmills called Fitwalkers.

According to the NYC-based online gazette DNAinfo, Superstar Gym, located at the corner of Washington and Watts, prides itself on having the latest, custom-made European equipment.

Fitwalker classes, which mimic the fast-paced and pop music-infused style of spinning sessions, are the hot new trend in Italy. Some classes will feature dance moves, according to owner Joe DiAngelo, while other sessions will be more extreme and involve "squats, twists and intense inclines" while walking on the treadmill.

With weight gain and obesity at their highest levels in U.S. history and rising concerns over the human carbon footprint, the Fitwalker could be a great fitness option for people who want to be more eco-conscious.

This isn't the only green option for NYC gym-goers. Green Fitness Studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn features floors covered in both recycled rubber and sustainable bamboo along with self-powered gym equipment and infared saunas that are 40 to 50 percent more energy efficient.

Group Fitwalker classes begin at Superstar Gym next week and will cost $30 per session.