While they are traditionally seen as one of the most hardworking and diligent students, a new survey reveals that economics majors are the most promiscuous students on campus.

A new survey consisting of 4,656 undergraduates found that students who study economics had nearly five sexual partners since starting university, compared to less than two for students majoring in environmental science.

The study, piloted by StudentBeans.com, found that economics majors had 4.88 sexual partners since starting university, followed by students studying social work, community care and counseling who on average had 4.7 partners.

Students studying marketing were the third most promiscuous with an average of 4.57 sexual partners since starting university followed by those who students leisure, hospitality, tourism and retail who averaged 4.56 sexual partners and students of agriculture who came in fifth at 4.44 sexual partners.

Other majors that made the top ten for most promiscuous students included sports science and, surprisingly, engineering.

The least promiscuous students studied environmental sciences who reported only having 1.71 sexual partners on average since starting university, and those majoring in theology were second from bottom with 2.13 sexual partners.

Another surprising finding the survey made was that students studying more cool subjects tended to be relatively chaste, with art students having an average of 3.18 sexual partners and media studies majors have an average of 3.01 sexual partners.

The survey also found that only 9 percent of students rated sex as the most important thing in their university life compared to 29 percent who rated studying as their top priority and 52 percent of students who said that friends were the most important.