Have you ever wanted to eat your deodorant? No? Well, edible deodorant is set to be the Next Big Thing in fragrance. One American company Beneo, partnered with Bulgarian confectioner Alpi, has an edible deodorant for sale online in the United States, has it stocked on shelves in various European countries, and may be coming to a retailer near you. And they are not the only ones.

The concept is not exactly new. Japanese researchers confirmed the link between eating geraniol, a naturally occurring compound in sweet-smelling plants like roses, vanilla, and lavender, and smelling good. In fact, a few years ago in Japan, one company launched Otoko Kaoru chewing gum - which roughly translates to "man scent" - but found that the results only lasted for about two hours. The gum has since been discontinued, likely because the gum appealed to the wrong market.

Deo, on the other hand, thinks that they know exactly who wants to smell like roses. The packages are pink and purple, and some come in sugar-free capsules. According to the company, just one serving will make a 145-pound adult smell like roses for six hours. The sweet will pump a floral aroma through a person's pores.

While some may be wary, the company says that the product is safe. In theory, it should work like garlic. The candy and garlic, along with other spices like cumin and foods like asparagus, contain compounds that cannot be absorbed by the human body. Instead, the body pumps the chemicals out through the pores. In this case, it means that the body smells fragrant - rather than like garlic.

Deo has found a degree of success. Since the product was first unveiled in August, American customers are buying the candy like hotcakes. They are also sold in shops in Armenia, China, Germany, South Korea, and Spain, and will soon be available in stores in the United States and the United Kingdom. At $10, it is a bit more expensive than Dove, but can you eat the stick deodorant on your shelf?

The Dutch company Swallowable Parfum is in fact going even further than Deo did. The company says that, in three to five years, they will be able to produce a cosmetic scent that a person can swallow. It will produce a genetically individual scent through perspiration, so no one but your identical twin can reproduce your own scent.