Egypt’s army says it’s willing to stand down, newly appointed Prime Minister Kamal Ganzouri said on Friday.

Ganzouri, who once served as prime minister under President Hosni Mubarak, had also served as the former President’s defense minister for 20 years, according to CNN.

"We are here to serve our nation," said Ganzouri, who served as Mubarak's defense minister for 20 years, CNN reported.

As reported in CNN Ganzouri said that field marshal of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and Egypt's dominant force, Hussein Tantawi, made it clear to him that “he is no longer willing to stay in power. If he told me otherwise, I'd not have accepted to take this role."

Ganzouri said he asked for some time to form a cabinet "that will be accepted by everyone."

After Egypt’s military rulers asked Ganzouri to form a government of “national salvation” Ganzouri took the job.

A statement by the White House Press Secretary on Recent Developments in Egypt says that the “United States strongly believes that the new Egyptian government must be empowered with real authority immediately.”

“We believe that Egypt’s transition to democracy must continue, with elections proceeding expeditiously, and all necessary measures taken to ensure security and prevent intimidation. Most importantly, we believe that the full transfer of power to a civilian government must take place in a just and inclusive manner that responds to the legitimate aspirations of the Egyptian people, as soon as possible.”

ABC News reported that Ganzuori said that he has been given more powers than past prime ministers.

It’s not clear when the new government will be formed but Ganzouri said it cannot be formed before Monday’s parliamentary elections, CNN said.