After a successful delivery, most nursing women face a dilemma whereby they want to increase food consumption to enhance their body’s nutritional demands for feeding a baby and at the same time trying to remove the extra pounds they gained during pregnancy.

Dieticians suggest that eating nutrient rich foods at regular intervals throughout the day is a better option than having big meals to maximize energy needed for nursing mothers. We present eight simple healthy eating tips that will help nursing mothers ward off unwanted weight gain while keeping their energy levels high:

1) Calcium-rich foods: Dairy foods such as yogurt, milk and cheese are excellent sources of calcium. They also provide protein, B vitamins, and vitamin D. Breast feeding requires loads of calcium as the milk is rich with the mineral. Calcium helps develop the baby's bones. However, go for low-fat dairy products so that you can take care of your excess weight related issues, as well.

2) Lean Beef: When you think of having beef, go for the lean variety. Red meat, such as beef, is rich in iron and nursing mothers require this mineral more to boost energy. Lean beef takes care of the protein and vitamin B-12 requirement as well, while limiting the fat content.

3) Beans: Among the vegetarian feast, beans, especially dark-coloured ones like black beans and kidney beans, are rich in iron.

4) Fruits: Two or more servings of fruit or fruit juice are a must for nursing mothers each day.

5) Whole grains: It is ideal to include wholegrain cereals like brown rice to boost energy levels.

6) Eggs: Vitamin D is essential for bone growth of the child and egg yolk is one of the few natural sources of vitamin D. Try to include egg dishes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

7) Greens: All sort of greens such as spinach, broccoli are an abundant in vitamin A, vitamin C and iron. The low-calorie green veggies are also filled with antioxidants which are protective of your heart.

8) Water: Drink plenty of water, at least eight cups a day because dehydration can drain away your energy levels. Drinking water would also help boost your milk production.