Meditation is a holistic discipline where a practitioner trains the mind to concentrate within and uses the power to realize some health benefits. A generally subjective and personal experience, meditation is often done without external involvement.

The practitioner finds a clean place and sits in a position that is most comfortable to the individual. The eyes are closed and the person focuses on the darkness behind the eyelids. They perceive the flow of thoughts and make no effort at curtailing them. In addition, the practitioner attempts to track the flow of air through the nostrils and concentrates on it.

A simple meditation routine that lasts between fifteen to thirty minutes has been found to help in several ways. We present the top-8 benefits of meditation:

1. Improves concentration: Meditation can enhance your overall mental health. It can improve memory and concentration.

2. It helps reduce anxiety and relaxes mind and body. It can help keep you stay calm.

3. It helps improve blood circulation by enabling the body to utilize more oxygen and boost immunity levels.

4. Helps relieving chronic diseases that are often tough to cure with medications like arthritis, different allergies and migraine.

5. It is also found useful to ward off pre-menstrual syndrome and is known to enhance a woman’s immune system.

6. Meditation with a focus on breathing is known to help regulate high blood pressure and provide fast relief.

7. Meditation is also known to help patients suffering from asthma due to the regularized flow of oxygen into the blood stream.

8. Regular meditation can help cure sleep apnea and other disorders resulting from sleep deprivation.