Have you observed a declining interest for sex in your partner? The standard reasons for a low sex drive or libido relates to obesity, erectile dysfunction, low levels of testosterones, menopause or extensive medication to cure some other disease.

However, these are not the only causes that one could associate with a low libido. It could result from a variety of physiological or psychological factors. Check out some common killers of your sex drive:

1. Stress: Stress at work or in matters relating to money is known to be a certain cause for reducing a person’s sex drive. Try out stress management techniques at work or seek medical advice.

2. Relationships: It is obvious that if you get into bed in an angry mood, the last thing that comes to your mind could be sex, especially in the case of women. So, rid yourself of all arguments that cause a barrier to intimacy.

3. Alcohol: A drink or two need not put you in the mood. Alcohol does make you feel less inhibited but it also numbs the sex drive.

4. Sleep deprivation: If you are not getting the regular hours of sleep, there is a chance that the sex drive is in low gear. Fatigue is the main killer so, have a sound night’s sleep before getting back to action the next day.

5. Children: Well, sex cannot be fun if you have to stop midway and care for your baby. Doctors often suggest that parents hire a baby-sitter to encourage and nurture intimacy.

6. Body Image: Do you feel ashamed to see yourself in a mirror? If so, it is time that you spoke to your partner and have a little pep talk about it. Getting into shape is quite easy and a regular workout can work wonders.

7. Obesity: Being overweight is linked to a lack of sexual enjoyment, desire, and difficulties with sexual performance. And the only solution is regular exercise

8. Low on Intimacy: Sex without intimacy is a major reason for declining libido. Getting into bed and starting the act can be a big negative for some people, especially women who desire quality time with each other. And intimacy could well be snuggling up to each other on a cold night!