As the doctor confirms your need for surgery there are few steps you can take to make sure that you get through with minimal complications. Since most surgeries are planned so you get time to get ready for the procedure. Here’s how:

1. Know about the surgery you are about to take. Learn about operative and post-operative treatments you will have to take to heal properly. Have a detailed discussion with your doctor and surgeon.

2. Be open about all your medical conditions and allergies etc. That will help the medical team to decide on the best course of action

3. Meet the medical team especially the surgeon and the anesthetist and discuss any issue that might worry you. Also learn about the procedure as well.

4. Learn about all blood related issues that can come up during the surgery.

5. Quit smoking since smoking raises complication risks and chances of infection.

6. Avoid alcohol all together as it can have unpredictable effect on anesthesia and can cause excessive bleeding and liver damage.

7. Keep blood pressure under control for the success of your surgery and manage your weight. However do not start dieting before the procedure.

8. Keep up a certain level of activity till before your surgery unless otherwise advised. This helps in recuperation.