The midriff is part of the human bod that creates the most trouble amongst the unhealthy and is the most attractive in a physically fit person. In women, the abs tends to accentuate the bust and the butt while among men it falls down to a shapely and muscular trunk.

And true to form, workouts to get that dream abs can cause a lot of sweat and blood effort. We provide you with eight easy tips that could help you tuck in the tummy fat and gain new confidence in your body:

1. The posture: Even if you are loathe doing crunches each day, trying and straightening up your posture. Remember to align your ears to your shoulders while standing. The shoulders should align with the hips and the hips with the knees and the knees to the ankles. Try to open out your shoulders to get everything below right.

2. Workout: Try and work our entire body out so that all your core muscles get a workout. The glutes and back muscles are as important as the abs, so take good care of them too.

3. Canoe Twist: Standing upright with your feet apart, intertwine your fingers to create a solid grip before exhaling and sweeping the hands, arms, shoulders and chest to the left. Lift the left knee to your right in a sort of twist. Work 20 reps to either side.

4. The Cat kick: With feet together and arms extended, exhale and lift the right leg forward and up. Sweep the arms forward to shoulder level and around your spine. Again do twenty repetitions to either side.

5. The zip up: With your feet upright and heels together, raise your arms up with the hands joined below the chin. Exhale and push your arms down while keeping it close to the body. Lift your heels off the ground and get on tiptoe before returning to the starting position. Try out twenty reps.

6. Check your diet: The only way you can get rid of belly fat is to take a close look at the meals. Avoid the fats and go for proteins and fiber. Have more meals but less quantity in each meal.

7. Set simple goals: Do not try to get in shape within three or six weeks. And try to stay away from fatty foods while you are working out. Try and understand your body structure so that your exercise regimen works well on it.

8. Take Things Slow: Remember that there are no instant ways to get back into shape. So, plan out a slow and steady regimen that works for you and using which you can stay in shape for longer.